Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Daily Announcement: Fun Things to Do Today

Everyone really seems to be getting into the spirit of the course now. That means you can come along when you have time, work at your own pace, and jump into the activities, readings, and discussions that interest you. Here are a couple of things to consider today.

1. If you haven't yet introduced yourself to the community, consider going to the o back to Unit 1 and the Make a Connection activity. As an example, here is my introduction along with Laura's.

2. If you're looking for something really quick to do today, go to Unit 3 and "The Power of Addition." This has an example of the "Exquisite Corpse" improv and I have already started to a story in the comments section. Join us by adding your lines to our story.

3. Over on the formal course site (https://connect.nextthought.com), there are a number of conversations going on as well. In particular, I love the new posts going up on the "Framing Connections" activity from Unit 2. Cody Taylor's fantastic history of his personal computing is definitely worth checking out.

See you online!



  1. Kerry's video was fabulous! I tweeted some excerpts. Is there anything else happening in open for this week? I'd like to do more (esp. since I will be less available next week with houseguests)... but I don't want to have to log on to NextThought closed platform in week where theme is open! If I am missing a link somewhere, let me know. I found the interview with Kerry easily and shared it easily thanks to the blog here! :-)

  2. Hey Laura, all the content for this week is posted in Unit 3 and completely open -- http://blog.thepowerofconnections.org/p/unit-3-power-of-openness.html. The improv explores "addition" activities and, while a bit abstract, I had lots fo fun thinking about John Conway's "Game of Life" and how that could apply to creating rules for learning and/or education. The artifact challenge is about mapping your own social network. I'll be doing both of those things tonight or in the morning. Meanwhile, check out the post I just wrote on openness and collaboration -- http://blog.thepowerofconnections.org/2015/07/openness-as-pathway-to-collaboration.html.