Thursday, July 23, 2015

Daily Announcement: My Web History

Thanks to everyone for the great comments and sharing in the course so far! Lots of fun going on this week, that's for sure. Maha Abdelmoneim posted a great reflection for her Unit 2 improv, and Stacy posted hers s well (and  with a completely different twist on the activity -- she went with images! ). It's another great reason I find improvs so useful in teaching -- they really lend themselves to great flexibility.

Also, if you've been waiting to jump into the Unit 2 Artifact Challenge, why not take this piece by Laura as good motivation to get started on yours ( I ended up opting to write about my personal computing history, and really enjoyed my leisurely stroll down memory lane.

Finally, don't forget about tomorrow's Twitter chat! Tune in to the #NTPoC hashtag at 10:00 AM CDT and explore student engagement with us for an hour.

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