Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Daily Announcement: A New Language in 25 Words

 I'm on my way home this morning from my quick trip to Boston, but I wanted to take a moment to encourage everyone to take a look at this week's improv challenge (along with my attempt posted in the comments). I realized, after I finished, that I would likely have benefited from some math symbols or elements. However, from a poet's perspective, I think this works okay for my planet's civilization.

Also, I've posted a my initial thoughts on the Extending the Improvisation exercise, so please fell free to beginning tojump in with your thoughts as well! And speaking of thoughts and discussions, if you hadn't seen these already, please check out the conversation on Stacy's post on student blogging.

Finally, I hope you'll be able to join us for our Twitter chat Friday at 10:00 CDT. Stacy, Laura, and I will be there, and look forward to hearing everyone's ideas on student engagement. As a reminder, here are some of the questions we'll be throwing out. That said, we'll gladly jump off in any direction that interests the group.
  • Q1 - What does good student engagement look like to you?
  • Q2 - Who or what should students be engaging with? The Instructor, each other, the content? 
  • Q3 - What is the role of a teacher or facilitator in promoting student engagement? 
  • Q4 - What are examples from your own learning experience that point to the power of connections? 
  • Q5 - How is self-reflection part of engagement? How do we encourage learners all ages to be more self-reflective? 
  • Q6 - How can we encourage students to engage after the course is over?

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