Sunday, July 5, 2015

Nuts and Bolts: Twitter Hashtag Widget

You may have noticed a Twitter widget in the sidebar of this blog. It's easy to create a Twitter widget and add it to a blog sidebar, a webpage, anywhere that javascripts are accepted. Here's what the "raw code" looks like that I pasted into the sidebar to make the Twitter stream magically appear:

It's scary-looking, but luckily you don't have to understand what it means exactly. You just have to copy and paste that HTML stuff into the HTML view of your blog sidebar or webpage or wherever you want the widget to appear.

What that widget displays is a live-time feed of tweets that have the hashtag #NTPoC in the tweet. You can also create widgets for specific Twitter users, for a Twitter list, etc.

To find out more about Twitter widgets, see these pages from a Twitter Overview presentation that covers lots of different ways that educators can make good use of Twitter for teaching and learning:

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