Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Today's Announcement: Easing in to Power of Connections

I want to start off this morning by saying thanks to all of you who are participating with us in this open learning experience! People have already started to tweeting and posting, and we’re starting to see your comments and collaboration. As you can see from this post, I'll also be sharing comments from within the Power of Connections "traditional" course here as well.

This week is all about “getting started.” The goal is to familiarize yourself with the site, and to get comfortable with the types of content and activities we’re using. Besides browsing through the content (and watching some video), here are the three things you can do in this unit that will help you engage with the community:

Post a comment or reply to someone else’s comment -- This is a collaborative community of people who share an interest in learning. We’re all exploring together. To that end, feel free to post comments on the content/activity posts in this blog, or on the social media platform of your choosing. The platform helps make this possible by allowing you to post comments as you go along. Just as important, when you see a comment on a #NTPoC item, take a moment and add to the conversation.

Do the practice improvisation exercise in “The Art of Improvisation” -- Improvs are a core part of this experience and this first one is a good way to help you get started with them. You’ll notice that a couple of people have already posted their practice on Twitter, and Laura has created a great post on her first improv experience. No peaking, now! Do your own improv and then comment on what others have written. YYou can post you improv responses in comments , on Twitter, or in your own blog posts. Please remember to use the #NTPoC hashtag.

Take the Artifact Challenge -- Power of Connections is about exploring student engagement through participation and personalization of information. Our artifact challenges are designed to promote this kind of engagement, and are also great opportunities to collaborate and build our community. By the way, I took my pictures this morning and will be taking the challenge today!

Please let us know if you have questions (either through comments here or through Twitter -- @xplanarob, @OnlineCrsLady, @slzemke)

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