Sunday, July 19, 2015

Unit 2: Framing Connections Through a Personal Archive

For this Artifact Challenge, we want you to curate (create a collection of) a slice of your digital past. After you’ve put your collection together, create a blog post, Pinterest Board, Storify your Tweets, and/or post your thoughts and images to the NextThought discussion board. If you create your content outside the NextThought platform, please include the #NTPoC hashtag so we can connect with you!

Some options:
  •  Use archived files, or the WayBack Machine to find some examples of your past lives on the web. How has your use of this medium changed over time?
  • Use the WayBack Machine to trace the visual, functional and contextual past of a website you use often. Are these sites better than they used to be? Do they allow for more or less user engagement over time? Here are some of my favorites for this kind of a project.
  • (SouthWest airlines in the late 1990 is a great example of early website that used physical paradigms for online organization)
  • Any university or organization you have worked or been associated with
  • Use the WayBack Machine to compare 3 or 4 different websites at roughly the same time. How similar did a majority of websites look in 2001, or 1997 or 2010?
  • Create a history of your own computing life. What technologies have you owned or used that impacted you life and work? 
(For an example of the last item, check out my "computer history" Pinterest board.)

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