Monday, July 13, 2015

Welcome to the Power of Connections Learning Experience

We're delighted to let everyone know that our Power of Connections course in now officially open! You can play along here (go to Unit 1: Getting Started), or go to and register for the more formal Power of Connections course.

Laura, Stacy and I are really excited to have you as participants/partners in this experience. And, while we’ve done our best to design it in a way that makes it easy to follow along, we want you to know that this isn’t a “final” or “finished” product. Rather, we’re counting on your participation, comments, and contributions to build out the best version of this experience. Here are some of ways you can participate actively and make this the richest experience possible for everyone.

1. Post comments in on this blog, in the platform, or on social media (#NTPoC) as you work through the course — In other words, help us make this an active and dynamic conversation! We've already started posting our thoughts and these will help you see the value of collaboration  We’ve also created a video to show you how to create comments in the NextThought platform —

2. Complete the Improvisation and Artifact Challenge Activities — The course is about student engagement and we do our best to model such engagement through our activities. In order to make these models meaningful, however, we need you to work through them and provide feedback. With your contributions, we hope to create a public catalog of activities and ideas to help teachers increase student engagement in their courses.

2. Post your ideas on your own personal blog or social media — We know that many of you are active in social and learning networks, and we don’t want this course to happen apart form those. If you blog or are accustomed to posting your ides n Twitter or G+, please continue to work in those spaces. Just post a link to your work in Twitter or G+  and use the course hashtag, #NTPoC.  If you have a blog you want us to include in our NTPoC feed, just post it in a comment here at this blog. This will help us aggregate all of our conversations about student engagement and make them available to everyone.

With that, I think you’re ready to get started. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Rob, Laura, and Stacy

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