Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Daily Announcement: Completion as Creation

This week is all about student creation as a way to facilitate student engagement. In the Dialogues section, Stacy and Adam provide valuable insight into why student creation is important (as well as how to design for this kind of activity), and our improv this week focuses on completion exercises. Completion improvs are particularly useful because they offer a low-risk way to get students to participate and have fun with creation. They are also great for encouraging collaboration and networking.

Speaking of completion and creation, you should definitely check out the work Alan Levine is doing as part of the UDG Agora project. His "Daily Try" challenges provide a wonderful portfolio of possibilities.

Finally, I've posted my presentation -- text, images, and video -- from last week's keynote address at the Big XII Teaching and Learning Conference. Whether you're just now joining the course or you've been reading and playing along since the beginning, this should provide a good foundation for the #NTPoC philosophy and approach to learning design.

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