Monday, August 3, 2015

Unit 4: Student Creation and Personal Taste

I recently sat down with Adam Croom, the Director of Digital Learning at the University of Oklahoma, to discuss student creation, its benefits in learning, and how we can encourage faculty to incorporate student creation into their courses. In the course of our conversation, Adam spoke several times about the importance of personal taste and how it should be factored in to our thinking about student creation in our courses.


1. How do you grade creative assignments? Can you think of techniques used in creative disciplines, such as writing, studio arts, and architecture, that can be adapted to other disciplines?

2. Do you have activities/assignments in your courses that are not graded? Do the students complete these assignments even though there is no grade associated with them? How do you assign credit and get the students to fully engage if there is no grade?

3. How can we encourage students to bring their outside interests/hobbies and non-related skills into a course?

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