Unit 2: The Power of Connections

1. Dialogues

Student Engagement and the Power of Connections -- The connections necessary for student engagement may begin with the learner but they are reinforced by the community.

Why Context Matters for Meaningful Connections -- Information becomes truly informative when we intersect with it at the right time and space. Th same thing holds true for our learning connections with people.

2. Improvisation

A New Language in 25 Words -- This improvisation activity focuses on language as a pathway for self-connection. What would we learn about ourselves if we each had our own language?

Extending the Improvisation

3. Artifact Challenge

Artifact Example: My Web History -- What can we learn about ourselves by the way we organize information and by looking at how that organization changes over time?

Framing Connections Through a Personal Archive

4. Community Conversation

Twitter Chat

5. Course Resources

Course and Additional Resources -- Check out the key sites for the course as well as additional resources that discuss and model student engagement.

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