Unit 1: Getting Started

1. Introduction to the Power of Connections 

Welcome to the Power of Connections 

What is the Power of Connections? -- Sit in on a dialogue between facilitators Stacy Zemke and Rob Reynolds as they discuss student engagement and the philosophy behind this learning experience.

How Is This Learning Experience Designed to Work? -- Learn about how Power of Connections is designed and how to get the most out of this learning experience.

2. Three Basic Models for Student Engagement  

The Art of Improvisation -- Discover how improvisations work and why they are great for fostering student engagement in any kind of course or learning environment.

Using Dialogues for Showing vs. Telling -- Find out about the benefits of dialogue as a model for presenting information, and learn why Rob and Stacy are always engaged in discussion.

Learner Creation via Artifact Challenges -- Read about the power of learner creation and how it can lead to meaningful student engagement.

3. Artifact Challenge: Make a Connection

Make a Connection -- Have some fun introducing yourself and engaging with the community through an artifact challenge.

4. Course Resources

Course and Additional Resources -- Check out the key sites for the course as well as additional resources that discuss and model student engagement.

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