Unit 3: The Power of Openness

1. Dialogues

Creating Collaborative Communities -- Sit in on a conversation with Kerry Magruder about the importance of collaborative communities in learning and within our educational institutions.

Exploring Open Pedagogy -- Take a look at what others are saying about open pedagogy and the power of openness in content, learning design, and teaching.

2. Improvisation

The Power of Addition -- This improvisation activity focuses on language as a pathway for self-connection. What would we learn about ourselves if we each had our own language?

The Game of Education

3. Artifact Challenge

Mapping Your Social Network -- Visualizing data is an important way to see relationships that might not otherwise be apparent. Follow along as Stacy walks us through a series of tools that can help us map our social networks.

SNA Artifact Challenge

4. Course Resources

Course and Additional Resources -- Check out the key sites for the course as well as additional resources that discuss and model student engagement.

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