Unit 5: The Power of Imagination

1. Video

Re-imagining the University Through the Eyes of Galileo -- In this interview, Kerry Magruder talks to Rob about the many interdisciplinary possibilities for learning, and uses Galileo as a model for how we can redesign our university experiences.

1. Dialogues
Who's Your Duck?: A Conversation About Facing Out Institutional Challenges -- Who can we talk to when it comes to imagining new teaching and learning practices? How do we work through our fears and challenges if there is no on to talk to?

2. Improvisation

Trading Spaces -- Our improv this week involves designing our favorite (real or imaginary) learning environment.

Extending the Improvisation

3. Artifact Challenge

Creating Open and Engaging Artifact Challenges -- In this unit, we want to begin thinking about designing artifact challenges that can help us re-imagine learning.

4. Twitter Chat

Unit 5: #NTPoC Twitter Chat -- Thursday, August 13 at 10:00 AM CDT

5. Course Resources

Course and Additional Resources -- Check out the key sites for the course as well as additional resources that discuss and model student engagement.

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